Social and Learning Activities

Social and learning activities for senior citizens are relaxing and fun. This allows them to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. Whether you are a patient or a newly retired US citizen, Senior Medical Associates offers you free social and learning activities, activities that suit your needs and health.

Activities let you explore whatever gives you pleasure. At Senior Medical Associates, we offer activities that can significantly improve the quality of your life, such as:

Paint Parties – Painting works as meditation and it is the perfect way to bring colors back in your life. A professional artist leads the class and we provide all the material required for painting, allowing you to stay active mentally and physically.

Zumba Gold: This is a high energy latin dance that can be scaled to any level. It doesn’t matter if you can or cannot dance. Keep yourself active and enjoy an activity specially designed for older adults.

Memory Games: Your brain function is precious but remember the old adage, if you don’t use it, you lose it! We want you to use it and enjoy the process.

Beads and Brunch: A professional will lead you through an exercise to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Use it as a gift of show it off at your next engagement!

Health Discussion: Motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle is important. Having health related discussions not only allows patients to take full responsibility of their health, but also helps them heal quickly by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Patient appreciation events: Patient appreciation events are just another way we keep patients socially active while showing them we care! We respect our patients and the time we spend with them. Therefore, we organize patient appreciation events that help us stay in touch and also tell them how important they are to us.

Benefits of Socializing for Seniors:

As we retire, our lives become more isolates and we become less social. However, being socially active is a healthy habit. Socializing after retirement keeps you mentally fit and increases self-awareness. It also encourages self-satisfaction and the motivation to stay active.