On-Site Labaratory

Management of an On Site laboratory is an endeavor we choose to provide our patients to ensure a quality process with familiar, fully trained staff. We at, Senior Medical Associates, offer efficient laboratory testing that maintains the protocols and processes, to ensure timely and accurate results.


The services we offer at Senior Medical Associate laboratory include:

– Blood tests of all kinds

– Stool test

– Urine test


Our medical workforce is technically skilled and scientifically advanced.

Quality process:

We assure our patients the accuracy of the lab tests techniques and methods. Our advanced tools make testing methods operate efficiently, ensuring the capacity to meet the demands of changes.


Patients depend on their lab results for further treatment. To ensure accuracy of the results, safety and viability of product formulation is important. Our laboratory environment is able to meet the microbiology testing and analytic chemistry needs of all time.

Benefits to Senior Patients:

Other than no cost and a clean environment, we offer our patients the following benefits:


In case any further tests or changes in the tests are required, our on-site laboratory makes it faster and easier for patients to get their tests done, instead of traveling miles to a new laboratory. Our medical assistants always ensure that the final results of the tests are accurate and ready to be read by a medical provider. For patients, there is no better convenience than to have access to an on site laboratory immediately at a location and with staff that they already know and are comfortable with.

Time Frame:

Our on-site laboratory is equipped with advanced and efficient machinery. For urgent tests, we are well-equipped to provide our patients with their tests results within 48 hours.