Multilingual Physicians and Staff

Multilingual Physicians and Staff

The professional concern of a physician is to collect the right information about a patient, for adequate diagnosis and effective counseling. Having a common language increases the effectiveness of the treatment, allowing both patient and the physician to understand one another. Multilingualism has benefits for both patients and the physician. In a county like Broward, with a variety of people coming from different cultures and languages, being a multilingual practice is critical.

Where most people may believe that informal interpreters can be helpful between a patient and a physician, it is also important to realize the cultural differences and the understanding of medical language that is more or less self-explanatory. A mutual language not only helps a physician better demonstrate the medical condition, but also helps the patient understand the use of treatment he/she is undergoing. Medical consultation, especially in a multiethnic population, must be a subject of keen attention.

We are proud to announce that Senior Medical Associates has multilingual physicians who are able to communicate in two or more two languages. Understanding the communication barrier, we have providers trained to interact in more than one language that improves mutual understanding between patient and physicians.

At Senior Medical Associates, aside from English, our staff is able to communicate in the following languages:

– Spanish

– Russian

– Hindi

– Czech

– Patois

– Tagalog

– Bisaya

– Swahili