Immigration Physicals

To live in United States on a permanent basis while becoming a lawful citizen, the very first step is to get the immigration visa.


The eligibility criterion to apply for the immigration visa is that the person should be sponsored by a US citizen who might be a relative, employer and the permanent resident of US. The process starts with a petition which is filed with US Citizenship and Immigration Services on the behalf of foreign resident. After the petition is being approved, the priority date is checked which leads to the beginning of the process of National Visa Center. An agent is chosen and a fee is paid so that he is officially bound to provide his services. The next major and important step is the collection and submission of required documents and forms to the National Visa Center. This step includes the submission of Visa Application form, the collection of financial documents and supporting documents and finally the submission of documents to the NVC.

The next major step calls for the interview which is one of the technical steps in immigration process. The interview is taken by the US embassy officials and if the person fails to provide solid reason of his migration, the visa is cancelled irrespective of the fact that all the submitted documents are genuine. So it is important for the applicant to prepare for the interview and appear on the interview date in time. At the end of interview, the consular officer informs the applicant about the approval or denial of his visa application.

Immigration Physicals

The physical medical exam is part of immigration visa and it ensures the good health of a person and his ability to be able to survive in US. This exam includes physical examination, skin test, blood test and vaccinations. The medical examination is conducted by a civil surgeon who is a special doctor selected and appointed by the “United States Citizenship and Immigration Services”. He is liable to conduct examination of all the applicants who have applied for permanent residence in Unites states. A rejected application by civil surgeon cannot be preceded further and the visa is cancelled on the account that the applicant failed to meet the requirements to be declared as fit and healthy person as per US health commission.

Physical examination: The physical examination takes into account several factors including the verification of a person to be sound mind and in good physical health.

Skin test: Skin test is compulsory for all the applicants ranging from age 2 or more.

Blood test: Blood test is taken for HIV and Syphilis and it is conducted in every applicant of age 15 or more. If an applicant in under the age of 15 and has a possibility of infection,special blood test is taken. Pre test counseling is provided to every individual before the HIV test is conducted. If an individual’s report is negative, post test counseling is given to that person.

Vaccination: Every immigration applicant has to undergo all vaccinations being approved by the US public health. We help you identify the vaccines needed for an immigration exam.